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Your Body is unique, your Dresses too

Are you looking for a plus size work dress that fits you perfectly, no matter what size you have?
Discover our Dress Designer to find the perfect plus size dress for work. Create your own plus size dress according to your wishes. Our dresses will highlight your female curves and hide parts of your body which you don't want to show.

Plus Size Evening Dresses

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How to Design your Plus Size Dress

Select the fabric

Choose different fabrics for the top and bottom. Find the fabric that you feel comfortable with.

Design your Dress

Choose your Top: shift, sheath or wrapped. Choose your skirt style and length and then personalize details such as the collar, sleeves, vents, skirt style. You will find the style that better fits your body shape


Here is where sumissura makes it different. Taking your measurements is really easy and you will have a Dress that really fits you.

Plus Size Work Dress, for women with style

Don't hide your female curvy body. Be proud and feel comfortable in your body. Treat yourself with made-to-measure clothing which fits you perfectly no matter what size you have.
Get inspired by our Plus Size Dresses and create your dress according to your personal style. Read more about styling tips from Susan Moses who has experienced dressing curves for 20 years: Dressing curves

Choose between maxi plus size dresses, plus size long formal dresses or plus size summer dresses. Our wide range of dresses for curvy women will provide you a perfect work and evening outfit. Steal the show and show your curvy body in a perfect fitting plus size dress.


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Women Dress Guide: How to find your Dress Online [design it]

Many of you have expressed a big interest in tailor-made dresses, and ladies, we are very happy and excited to tell you: Dresses have arrived! & even better, create your dress with our new 3D real time configurator.Enjoy fully tailor made dresses; meaning, each dress is handmade and sewn to fit your unique body shape and body size. As with all Sumissura products, also dresses can be customized to fit your personal style; choose what type of sleeves you want, what neckline, which fabric & color... You customize and our tailors will create your dress. 

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Founded in 2013, Sumissura is the e-commerce leader in plus size work wear and plus size work dresses, as we offer to all women complete freedom to design their own clothes by choosing from a wide range of styles and fabrics.