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Custom made Women's Blouses

Sumissura Women's Blouses are elegant, timeless and above all... made for you. In 15 days we send you the blouse you have designed, made to your measures. Choose the color, style, fabric and get a blouse that will fit you.

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How to get your custom made women's blouse

Choose your Women's Blouse fabric

Discover our wide range of fabrics and colors. Pick the one you like to have a women's blouse you will want to wear with everything.

Design your blouse

Customize the shape and details of your new blouse. Choose the fabric, style, color, necklines and all the options to achieve the look you are striving for.

Measure yourself

Measure yourself or use our size estimator to get the perfect fitting blouse of your dreams.

Women's Blouses online

Customize your women's blouse as you like. Pick the fabric you like, customize the neckline and configure the style. Perfect fit guaranteed!

Sumissura custom blouses come in many different colors and styles and are designed to fit all body shapes and sizes. Worn by women who like to go to casual occasions as well as attend business meetings and not have their moments constrained by their clothes.


Over 300,000 satisfied customers

Customer reviews -
"I am so so happy on how my Shirt turned out!"
Molly - United Kingdom
Customer reviews -
"I promise, you will not be disappointed."
Tamryn - United States
Customer reviews -
"Finally, no matter what size or shape, you can have the perfect fit"
Kat - United States
Customer reviews -
"Perfect quality and good customer service"
Laurie - United States
Customer reviews -
"It fits really well."
Ruth - United Kingdom
Customer reviews -
"Now I am proud owner of my favorite blouse."
Sabrina - Germany
Customer reviews -
"I never thought it would look that good"
Elsa - Spain
Customer reviews -
" You’ll always get the perfect fit."
Kat - United Kingdom

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About Sumissura Custom Women Blouses

Sumissura women blouses are designed by you and tailored by us. Each blouse is handmade to your measurements and delivered to you in 15 days. Our huge fabric selection gives you a free hand to design your new blouse according to your preferences.