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Design your own Skirt Suit at sumissura. Here you don't have to browse among our designs, you can just choose exactly what you were looking for in terms of both Fabric and Style. How long do you want the skirt? And the blazer? What style? Plus, we will make it to your exact measurements.

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How to choose your Skirt Suit

Select Skirt Suit Fabric

Sumissura offers a wide range of skirt suit fabrics so you can find one that fits your style, the season, and current trends.

Design your Skirt Suit

Customize the details of your skirt suit, such as the blazer buttons, lapel style, the fit... Select the skirt style and length,... You are the designer!

Insert your measurements

Take your measurements wherever you are. You don't need a tailor, you just need a friend.

Wherever, However, and Whenever You Want it

Customize the details of your skirt suit, such as the number of buttons, the lapel style, the buttons, the fit...You are the designer! If you don't want how to start, check out this external inspiration: Skirt Suit Styles

Sumissura knows that every single woman is different, that's why every single skirt suit we produce is different from the other. And we do that based on ethical production philosophy, and at the best affordable price. Start designing today your own skirt suit and we will make to your exact measurements.


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"Fits like a glove! "
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"Sumissura Made To Measurements Custom Clothing is a petite girl’s dream come true!"
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"I am obsessed with everything"
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"I am so excited to have a nice pair of dress pants for work"
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"Great Quality and Fitting"
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"What a lovely green suit!"
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About our Skirt Suits

Founded in 2013, Sumissura is the e-commerce leader in custom skirt suits and pant suits, as we offer our customers complete freedom to design their own clothes by choosing from a wide range of styles and fabrics.