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A A-Line Dress is all about Fitting and Design. You know what Neckline, what Sleeve length, what skirt length fits you best. At sumissura, you don't need to search for your perfect A-Line Dress, because you can design it. Choose high waisted or normal waisted. Combine different fabrics for top and skirt. You have literally thousands of options. Plus, we make it to your measurements.
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How to Design your A-Line Dress

Select the dress fabric

You can choose different colors for the top and bottom of the dress. Today we offer a wide variety of fabrics that change every season

Choose the Style

You can choose the position of the waistline: high or standard and the length of the skirt. The typical A-Line dress is the one that has a pencil skirt but you can also choose other kind of skirts


Here is where sumissura makes it different. Taking your measurements is really easy and you will have a Dress that really fits you.

How to Choose your A-Line Dress

When using our unique A-Line dress designer you can choose among a wide variety of colors. Including different colors for top and bottom You can choose the style of the skirt and it's length. Then you can choose and see how it looks among different necklines and sleeves. You can even choose a wrap midi dress. Options are endless.

With our exclusive a-Line dress designer, you can create a dress to work at the office, or for an event in the evening. It doesn't matter. You choose your style and the occasion and we will make it to your measure, at an affordable price.

Design your A-Line Dress

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One of the wardrobe items that you’ll find in every woman’s closet, or at least almost every woman’s closet, is a dress. As the saying goes, “Every woman needs a little black dress.” Now whether in black or any other color, there’s a dress for any and every occasion – day dress, work dress, summer dress, party dress, evening gown… the list is endless. Not only are there dresses for every occasion, there are a myriad of dresses with varying lengths, cuts, fabrics and necklines to choose from. With all the options available, we’re giving you a quick guide on some of the more common neckline styles to help you with your next dress purchase.

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"This is the second time I’ve ordered from Sumissura and it certainly won’t be the last. "
Candace - Canada
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"This dress was actually made for me so when I say, it fits like it was made just for me, I can truly say it was!"
Tamryn - United States
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"Love to shop at sumissura"
Cara - France
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Anja - Germany
Customer reviews -
"It fits really well."
Ruth - United Kingdom
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"Sumissura got my waist point spot on. "
Laurie - United Kingdom
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"I knew the fit and quality would allow me to wear the dress for years to come."
Lauren - United Kingdom
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"The craftsmanship is impeccable. "
Georgia Nicolau - Cyprus

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About our A-Line Dresses

Founded in 2013, Sumissura is an ethical fashion brand, specialized in manufacturing of made to measure dresses. We offer our customers complete freedom to design their dresses, choosing fabric and style.