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When it comes to staying stylish and cool, nothing beats a linen blazer. Choose among our seasonal selection of fresh linen and linen+cotton fabrics, design every single detail, and we will make it to your measurements

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How to Choose Your Linen Blazer

Select your Linen Blazer fabric

Choose from a wide range of different linen fabric colors, and choose between 100% linen and quality linen-cotton blends.

Customize your Linen Blazer

Customizeyour Linen Blazer from a wide range of style options like lapel style, number of buttons, single or double breasted blazer, length.. among many more options!

Insert your measurements

Yes, linen is not just about baggy oversized garments. Get it properly fitted and you'll know why our linen garments are so popular.

Design your own Blazer

Customize your linen blazer by choosing your pocket and lapel style, add a fresh lining of your choice, and why not add silver metal buttons to complete your look.

Sumissura believes that being elegant in summer is also possible. That's why we offer a wide range of summer fabrics for suits and blazers, including linen and cotton+linen blends. And of course, made to measure and at an affordable price.


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4 Tips to How to Style Your Blazer

A made to measure blazer should hang in every girl's wardrobe. It's the perfect clothing piece to dress up a casual outfit, to wear over a dress on a chilly summer night, to wear to work, or to wear as a complete suit. Whatever the occasion is, there is surely a women's blazer that goes with that...

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" I couldn’t love it more"
Bethany Kate - United States
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"I just love my unique piece! "
Andy S. - Germany
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"My shirt is designed by me! "
Francesca - Italy
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"Sumissura came to solve all my headaches! "
Nancy - Canada
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"All details have been designed and chosen by me! "
Giulia - Italy
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"There are parts of the suit that make it feel downright luxurious."
Elissa - United States
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"Finally, no matter what size or shape, you can have the perfect fit"
Kat - United States
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"There is nothing better than reaching for your trench coat which was made to custom fit your body"
Lauren - United States

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About our Linen Blazers

Founded in 2013, Sumissura is the e-commerce leader in custom suits and blazers for women, as we offer our customers complete freedom to design their own clothes by choosing from a wide range of styles and fabrics.