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Linen Suits are even better, when they are Made to Measure

We have your Linen Suit for this season. We offer new fabrics every season in linen and linen-cotton blends. Fresh suits, ideal to wear in warm weather. At sumissura you design your linen suit. First choose the color, then design the style and third, we make it to your exact measurements.

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How to Choose Your Linen Suit

Select your Linen Suit fabric

Choose from a wide range of different linen fabric colors, and between 100% linen and quality linen-cotton blends.

Design your Linen Suit

Customize your linen suit from a wide range of style options like lapel style, number of buttons, single or double breasted jacket, wide, standard or slim leg... At sumissura there is no single linen suit equal to other.

Insert your measurements

Taking your measurements for your pant suit is not difficult at all. Our website will help you with the process. We have been doing this for more than 10 years, so we have experience.

Design your Linen Suit wherever, However, and Whenever You Want it

When using our unique linen suit designer you can personalize your suit the way you want it. Add a fresh lining to your jacket, and choose with or without lapels. Why not try our bermuda/shorts length for your pants, or slim fit ankle length, for a stylish look that will help keep you cool in warmer temperatures.

Look unique and sharp in Sumissura linen Pant Suits. Choose one of our fresh linen or cotton-linen fabrics and we will make it to your measurements.


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Dress in Linen

Women should choose to wear linen more often; it’s a wonderful natural fabric with an ability to let the skin breathe well, making it the perfect fabric to wear in warmer temperatures and climates. Not only does it look great when worn, but it's also comfortable as well as easy to wear and combine with non-linen pieces. 

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About our Linen Pant Suits for Women

Founded in 2013, Sumissura is the e-commerce leader in women's custom linen suits. We offer our customers complete freedom to design their own suits by choosing from a wide range of linen and cotton-linen fabrics