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Ok, so you are looking for a very special garment. You found the right place. And we don't care if you are tall or plus size, because you will look gorgeous in your new custom tuxedo suit.

At sumissura we don't make just great plus size tuxedos, but we also made them to your exact measurements, and what's more, you can design every single detail out of it. Find out all our design options and discover our +100 fabrics. Design yours now

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How to choose your Woman Tuxedo

Select the tux fabric

Sumissura offers a wide range of tuxedo suit fabrics so you can find one that fits your style, the season, and current trends.

Design your Tuxedo

Customize the details of your tuxedo, such as the number of buttons, the lapel style, the buttons, the fit...You are the designer!

Insert your measurements

So we can tailor the perfect fitting tuxedo for you.

Design your Own Tuxedo

When using our unique women's tuxedo designer you can personalize every single detail. Contrasted shiny lapels, choose them notched, peaked or shawl. Slim or loose fit. 1, 2 or 3 buttons. Double breasted? No problem. How many vents do you prefer? At sumissura, you design your own tuxedo and we make it to your measurements. And in case you need some inspiration, check here this post from Elle about Women Tuxedo Suits

Finding the right fitting for your plus size tuxedo is not a matter of browsing hundreds of websites or visiting tons of stores. At sumissura we have your size, we have the color you need, we have your style options. We have everything. Discover why we are already more than 250.000 happy customers.


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Over 300,000 satisfied customers

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"My suit fits perfectly."
Vanessa - Switzerland
Customer reviews -
"Fits perfectly"
Kat Surth - United States
Customer reviews -
"Quality over quantity, we say yes!"
Clemence - France
Customer reviews -
"Received lots of compliments on the Tux"
Nelle - United States
Customer reviews -
"love my tux!!"
Tracey - United States
Customer reviews -
"I was able to personalize many details"
Priscilla - Switzerland
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Marie - Austria
Customer reviews -
"Love it!"
Liv - United States

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About our Women Tuxedos

Founded in 2013, Sumissura is the e-commerce leader in women's custom suits and tuxedos. We offer our customers complete freedom to design their own tuxedos by choosing from a wide range of styles and fabrics.