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Custom Made Plus Size Shirts

Forget about standard sizes & enjoy shirts made to your measurements.
At Sumissura we offer you the perfect fit to your unique body shape and size. We want the product to fit your own, personal measurements, not the general customer.

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What Does Custom Clothing Mean?

Select the shirt fabric

Choose from cotton, cotton blends, linens, linen blends, pint-points, fil-a-fil, oxford, denim, business or casual. At sumissura we have a wide range of fabrics for dress shirts.

Design your Shirts

You can design anything on your dress shirt: collar, cuffs, sleeves, buttons, pockets, fit... We offer tons of options!

Insert your measurements

Taking your measurements is very easy thanks to our web assistant. Doesn't matter if you are plus size, tall, curvy or petite. We make it to your measure.

Buy your dress shirt for women online

When using our unique women dress shirt designer you can personalize details such as the collar style & color, button threads color, cuffs style & color, and adding your own initials. Explore more options! Darting at the front and back lends the silhouette a slightly tailored fit and appearance. Fall in love with such details as elegant mother-of-pearl buttons or the finishing of the shirttail hem.

At Sumissura we believe all women should have the possibility to express themselves through their own style. We don't care about sizes, we allow all women to dress in their own style, with their own made-to-measure clothes. We also offer the customer the complete freedom to customize her clothes using our 'configurator'.

Design your Shirts

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How to dress up stylishly if your body type is plus size

Dressing according to your body type requires knowing and trusting yourself. Change into that style that fits your body perfectly. You should embrace your body type and never censor yourself and your body. We are all beautiful as we are, we must dress to look beautiful no matter what shape our body is. To achieve your purpose, we offer you this guide, which will help you find the right cuts for your new dress according to the shape of your silhouette.

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"Sumissura is the business!"
Judy - Canada
Customer reviews -
"All details have been designed and chosen by me! "
Giulia - Italy
Customer reviews -
"I am so so happy on how my Shirt turned out!"
Molly - United Kingdom
Customer reviews -
"I chose a white classic shirt as it is a must have wardrobe piece that literally looks good with everything."
Georgia - Cyprus
Customer reviews -
"The best fitting shirt I've ever had in my life"
Anna - Russia
Customer reviews -
"Big crush"
Caroline - France
Customer reviews -
"Huge range"
Georgia Nicolau - Cyprus
Customer reviews -
"The fabric is amazing, they did a wonderful job"
Laura - United States

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About our Plus Size Women Shirts

Founded in 2008, Sumissura is the e-commerce leader in made to measure suits and shirts for women. We offer our customers complete freedom to design their own clothes by choosing from a wide range of styles and fabrics.