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Such a special occasion requires a special dress, matching perfectly your style and measurements. At sumissura, you design your own dress and we make it for you in just 15 days, and at an incredible price. Start designing now!

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Design your next Evening Dress

Select the colour

Our bright fabric colors lies subtly on your skin and stands for elegance and beauty. Our evening dresses are perfect for all the occasions you can think of - weddings, balls, parties or important evening events.

Choose the style

Select the silhouette, sleeves, neckline, skirt style and length of your evening dress to match your style and dress code of the event.

Give us your measurements

Here is where we make it different. Taking your measurements is really easy and you will have a Dress that really fits you.

Elegant Evening Dresses

Customise your evening dress according to the occasion. Are you looking for a bridesmaid dress, a prom dress or an elegant dress for another occasion? Discover our offer of high-quality evening dresses. Customise the straps, choose the length and don't forget to choose the colour you love the most.

Evening dresses are stunning, put the focus on the figure and let the person shine. The dress should fit perfectly, so you feel comforable during the long wedding day, or at the party and also it gives you confidence. Sumissura offers you the chance to design your own evening dress which we will make to your measures.


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Wearing an Evening Gowns to a Wedding - Find the right Wedding Guest Dress

Picking a dress to wear to the wedding of your nearest and dearest is probably one of the most difficult and time-consuming choices that you need to make. There are countless do’s and don’ts that you need to consider before rocking up to a wedding wearing a dress you thought was appropriate but you end up getting some rather questionable looks. We are all in agreement that wearing a white dress as a wedding guest is the biggest fashion faux-pas along with revealing, casual or loud clothing. We recommend opting for a beautiful and tasteful chiffon dress. Keep reading to find out why a chiffon dress is the ultimate dress to wear to a wedding.

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"This is the second time I’ve ordered from Sumissura and it certainly won’t be the last. "
Candace - Canada
Customer reviews -
"This dress was actually made for me so when I say, it fits like it was made just for me, I can truly say it was!"
Tamryn - United States
Customer reviews -
"happy to use this service"
Anja - Germany
Customer reviews -
"Love to shop at sumissura"
Cara - France
Customer reviews -
"It fits really well."
Ruth - United Kingdom
Customer reviews -
"Sumissura got my waist point spot on. "
Laurie - United Kingdom
Customer reviews -
"Finally, there is a shop for plus size clothes"
Virginie - France
Customer reviews -
"I knew the fit and quality would allow me to wear the dress for years to come."
Lauren - United Kingdom

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Our new collection of high-quality evening dresses is waiting for you. Try our online 3D dress designer, which gives you different possibilities of dress customization.