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You are one of the chosen ones who helps the bride in every situation? Not only the bride deserves a special dress - also the bridesmaids should shine in great robes. A perfectly fitting bridesmaid dress is therefore indispensable. Discover our tailor-made bridesmaids dresses in Online 3D Designer.

Burgundy Bridesmaid Dresses

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Design Bridesmaid Dress

Select the dress fabric

Our bright fabric colors lies subtly on your skin and stands for elegance and beauty. Our evening dresses are perfect for all the occasions you can think of - weddings, balls, parties or important evening events.

Design the dress

Change lengths, cut and details of the bridesmaid dress

Insert the measurements

Here is where we make it different. Taking your measurements is really easy and you will have a Dress that really fits you.

Design your own bridesmaid Dresses

All bridesmaids dresses are individually personalizable and adaptable. So every bridesmaid will find the right dress for the wedding in the style that best suits her. Discover the possibilities of the bridesmaid dress in Online 3D Dress Designer.

The bridesmaid dress can autumn off your shoulders and decorate the wedding. Our bridesmaids dresses are available in a variety of subtle and light shades so the bride's show is stolen.


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Find the perfect Bridesmaid Dresses for your Wedding

It seems that bridesmaid dresses have earned quite the notoriety. While it’s always a privilege and honor to be selected as a bridesmaid on one of the most special occasions in a person’s life, it seems to be a different story when it comes to the required bridesmaid dress.

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"Finally, no matter what size or shape, you can have the perfect fit"
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"This dress was actually made for me so when I say, it fits like it was made just for me, I can truly say it was!"
Tamryn - United States
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"happy to use this service"
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"It fits really well."
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"Finally, there is a shop for plus size clothes"
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"I knew the fit and quality would allow me to wear the dress for years to come."
Lauren - United Kingdom
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Tamryn - United Kingdom
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"Perfect fit"
Kat - United Kingdom

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About Sumissura bridesmaids dresses

Discover our high-quality bridesmaid dresses and maid of honor dresses in our collection or design the bridesmaid dress according to your ideas. Perfect when all bridesmaids should be dressed in the same style or in the same colour. Our chiffon dresses are available in different cuts, so that every woman figure looks good in the bridesmaid dress.