Women's Horsebit Loafers

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Handcrafted horsebit loafers, designed by you

Horsebit loafers are a sign of good taste and elegance. Sumissura reinvented these classic shoes allowing you to design your own horsebit loafers online.

How to get your bit loafers


Choose a base style. Design options are just endless.


Choose materials and fabrics for each piece of your shoe. Italian leather, suede, velvet,...


Sizes from from 34 to 43 and special widths. Use our size recommender to know the one that will fit you best.

Buy your horsebit loafers for women at Sumissura

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Check all the options available in our 3D loafers designer and choose the ones that you want. Our artisans will handcraft the perfect loafers created just for you.

Outfit Ideas

Get inspired by our community. Real customers like you styling great outfits based on Sumissura garments

Fit to Perfection Guaranteed

From fabrics and buttons to pocket styles and lining colors, personalize your handcrafted look. Take control and feel confident with our Perfect Fit Guarantee.
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Looks that last

Personalize your handcrafted look, from durable fabrics down to the finest details. Take charge of your style and feel confident with our Perfect Fit Guarantee.

Next to you

Thousands of partners worldwide allow us to give you the best local service for fittings and alterations.

Perfect fit guarantee

Made to measure by expert tailors.


Select fabrics, linings and everything in between.

Get measured

Let our algorithm do it, or measure at home.

Reviewed by you

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Sumissura Made To Measurements Custom Clothing is a petite girl’s dream come true!

Sumissura Made To Measurements Custom Clothing is a petite girl’s dream come true! It doesn’t matter what your sizing woe may be, custom made-to-measure clothing, at an affordable price, is here to save you!

Kat - United States

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I am obsessed with everything

I am obsessed with everything from the fit to the fabric on it. They allow you to add customization on everything from the fabric and fit to monogramming and everything in between – down to the buttons and thread (seriously, you can customize the thread on the button holes)!

Lauren - United States

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Big crush

I have a big crush on my clothes!

Caroline - France

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Sumissura Bit Loafers

Yes, Sumissura was not there in the 50s to create these iconic loafers. But we can offer you the production of horsebit loafers in the most sustainable way: made to order loafers achieving zero waste.


What is a Horsebit Loafer? 

A horse bit is a mullen, a piece of a horse's tack. It's the part that fits inside the horse's mouth. A miniature piece of such a bit adorns the cap of the loafer, giving these shoes their name.