Sumissura, bespoke from head to toe

From fabrics and buttons to pocket styles and lining colors, you personalize the whole look — down to the smallest detail.

As soon as we receive your order, our artisans get down to business crafting your exclusive piece. Custom designed, handmade.

Now that’s freedom from off-the-rack fashion.

High tech.
High touch

In most cases, we won’t even need you to get measured. Our not-so-secret power?

An algorithm that we’ve been feeding for the last 13 years, which has grown to develop such a high accuracy level that we can generate the perfect fit for you from minimal information.

Hard to believe, easy to prove.

Looks that last

We know you pay attention to detail, and we do too — from the durability of our fabrics, to our quality controlled tailoring process.

More than 500 fabrics all year round. This way we ensure that your can find the one you need for your timeless garments.

The antithesis of fast fashion.

A better fit for our planet

Made to measure means an end to overproduction.

Our zero waste approach creates garments better suited to you and our environment.

Even returned items are always recycled or donated.

No stock, no waste of resources, no useless item that will end in a landfill. Each piece manufactures in our workshop is made to be worn. This fact combined with responsible sourcing and ethical production methods, contribute to environmental sustainability and social welfare, making the fashion industry a little bit better, one step at a time.

Look good, guaranteed

We guarantee a perfect fit.

That’s why more than 350,000 customers have placed their trust in Sumissura so far.

Plus, we have a global network of tailors happy to perform adjustments — at your convenience.

Know more about our partners

Every order you place comes with the assurance of a perfect fit. This means that if a garment doesn't fit as expected, you can rely on our local partners to make the necessary adjustments. If there isn't a partner close to your location, you have the freedom to take your garment to any local tailor, with costs covered by us according to after-sales conditions. On the rare occasion that a garment can't be altered to fit, we will remake it for you until it fits perfectly.

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