Our mission

Dress the real you

In a world where the fashion industry forces women to fit into boxes, we make you feel confident and secure with bespoke garments that reflect your uniqueness. Sumissura: Celebrate your individuality.

The fashion industry wants to fit you in their boxes

Their colors, their textures, their patterns

Seasons, trends, sizes, biases...

For too long they've forced women to fit in

Now is the time for clothes that fit you

Forget about industry standards

You are anything but standard

You know what looks good on you

When you dress how you want...

When the look is tailored just for you...

You are always dressed to kill

Any shape, Any size

We make it right

And when it fits right, it just feels so right

Your style is not seasonal

And it sure ain't off-the-rack

Because we believe what you wear should show you off

Feeling bold
Feeling secure

An expression of who you are

Clothes that represent you

Not the other way round

Perfect fit garments to your specifications giving you the confidence to take everything on


Dress the real you