Spring Summer

2023 Collection

Embrace the power of nature with Sumissura's Spring Summer '23 Lookbook, a collection that quenches your thirst for life in a world transformed by the pandemic. Our designs celebrate the newfound need for community, intense experiences, and personal freedom, infusing each piece with a sense of optimism that permeates the trends of the year.
Our color palette is carefully curated to evoke both indulgence and introspection, featuring luscious red, verdigris, tea rose, hyper pink and sunny yellows, among others. These hues embody the spirit of the season, seamlessly blending sophistication with a zest for life, capturing the essence of this year's fashion conversation.
Deep blue structures make a striking statement in our pattern selection, while the on-trend savanna chic style brings an element of adventure to the collection. Natural fibers like fresh linen and seersucker provide a comfortable, breathable feel, perfect for the warmer months and outdoor gatherings that define the season.
Versatile jackets take center stage, paired casually for maximum comfort and effortless style. Our "new formal" concept reimagines classic designs with contemporary flair: cool-wool jackets woven on a jacquard loom showcase blurred patterns, and washed-out stripes on cotton/linen fabrics exude a laid-back sophistication perfect for the Spring Summer '23 Lookbook.