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When it comes to staying stylish and cool, nothing beats a linen jacket. Choose among our seasonal selection of fresh linen and linen+cotton fabrics, design every single detail, and we will make it to your measurements

How to Choose Your Linen Jacket

Select your Linen Jacket fabric

Choose from a wide range of different linen fabric colors, and choose between 100% linen and quality linen-cotton blends.

Customise your Linen Jacket

Customiseyour Linen Jacket from a wide range of style options like lapel style, number of buttons, single or double breasted jacket, length.. among many more options!

Enter measurements

Yes, linen is not just about baggy oversized garments. Get it properly fitted and you'll know why our linen garments are so popular.

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Customise your linen jacket by choosing your pocket and lapel style, add a fresh lining of your choice, and why not add silver metal buttons to complete your look.

Outfit Ideas

Get inspired by our community. Real customers like you styling great outfits based on Sumissura garments

Fit to Perfection Guaranteed

From fabrics and buttons to pocket styles and lining colors, personalize your handcrafted look. Take control and feel confident with our Perfect Fit Guarantee.
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Looks that last

Personalise your handcrafted look, from durable fabrics down to the finest details. Take charge of your style and feel confident with our Perfect Fit Guarantee.

Next to you

Thousands of partners worldwide allow us to give you the best local service for fittings and alterations.

Perfect fit guarantee

Made to measure by expert tailors.


Select fabrics, linings and everything in between.

Get measured

Let our algorithm do it, or measure at home.

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Every woman dreams to find the perfect garment

Every woman dreams to find the perfect garment, the one of the color we prefer, in the cut and in the model that we want, of the fabric right for us and especially that fits like a glove... just like my blazer branded Sumissura, completely designed by me, of the which I could choose every detail, from the model to the internal lining, personalized with my initials inside and especially with my measurements, in short an article just mine!

- Italy

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Fit To A Tee

I’m a chest heavy girl but tiny so finding a blazer that fits is a problem. No Problem Here!!! I was surprised to see a different liner inside my sleeves from the liner I picked but I like it. Having my name inside is cool. The fit and the fabric is perfect. I hope they get more choices of fabric. Maybe something shiny but conservative, like Beyoncé at a business meeting.

Kay West - United States

* * * * *

It fulfilled all my expectation.

The quality is amazing, the fabric is just the way I’ve imagined and it fits me perfectly

Ina - Italy

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What to Wear with a Jacket: 4 Classy Jacket Outfits for Women

What to wear with a jacket? Well, this question comes with many answers. Jackets have unlimited styling potential and can create various looks. Whether you are looking for a casual or formal style, this timeless clothing piece is a chameleon - easily adaptable. So let yourself inspire by our classy jacket outfit ideas:

Linen 101: Styling Tips for the Modern Woman

Women should choose to wear linen more often; it’s a wonderful natural fabric with an ability to let the skin breathe well, making it the perfect fabric to wear in warmer temperatures and climates. Not only does it look great when worn, but it's also comfortable as well as easy to wear and combine with non-linen pieces. 

About our Linen Jackets

Each season, the woman jacket gains more and more importance in our wardrobes. There is no age to wear it and its versatility makes it a masterpiece! The jacket goes with just about every clothing piece. For a very chic look, combine it with a long skirt or trousers, for a more casual look, it goes perfectly with a t-shirt, jeans and sneakers. You can also dare to mix it with linen shorts for a summer office outfit, or jeans for a night out with friends.


A Linen Jacket Fits any Occasion

A linen jacket only requires one thing: warm weather. When cold days are over, linen makes its way to our wardrobes. A linen jacket is a perfect garment to  get a look that can go from business to casual or preppy to trendy.  Let's see how can we do this.


Linen Jackets and Dresses

A perfect combination for summer. Choose your favourite sheath or shift dress, that one you feel so good wearing. But you need something over it, right? Go for a linen jacket that combines properly. Beige and pink go very well with dark dresses. Blue linen combines great with pale ones. It's not that hard.


Linen Jackets and Jeans

To be honest, one of our favourite outfits here at sumissura office in summer. Beige neat jacket with jeans is our perfect business casual look. You can wear it to the office or in any casual environment. Combine it right with accessories and you got it.


Linen Jackets and Blouses

For the same exact reason that linen jackets are a perfect match for dresses, they are for blouses. In this case, it gives you a more sophisticated look, as it allows you to combine more than one colour. Our recommendation is that you always use 2 groups of colors. Example: pink linen jacket, pale pink jacket and white skirt. Example #2: pale blue jacket, white blouse and blue skirt. See? always 2 groups of colors.