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Business Professional Attire, Custom Made to Fit You

Explore our Custom-Made Business Attire that celebrates your unique style. You have the ability to design every detail, and we tailor it to your precise measurements, enhancing your presence in the office or at important meetings. Break free from one-size-fits-all and express yourself boldly with Sumissura.

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Made to Measure is the Answer

Select bespoke fabric

Select from a vast array of fabrics and colours for your suits, jackets, shirts, dresses, and coats. Our collection includes a diverse range of options, including cotton, wool, linen, and blends.

Design your business attire

Inject your personal style and elevate your professional attire with your individuality. Select from lapels, buttons, cuffs, and more, transforming each piece into a masterpiece that captures your distinct style.

Get measured

Achieve the perfect fit for your clothing by providing precise body measurements. Our straightforward process is meticulously designed to ensure your garments fit like a second skin. Simply follow our user-friendly measurement guide.

Elevate Your Professional Wardrobe online

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With our advanced 3D configurator, you have the power to meticulously customise every detail of your business attire. From lapels and buttons to cuffs and beyond, you can easily add each element to your precise preferences. This technology ensures that your attire is a true reflection of your style, down to the finest detail.

Outfit Ideas

Get inspired by our community. Real customers like you styling great outfits based on Sumissura garments

Fit to Perfection Guaranteed

From fabrics and buttons to pocket styles and lining colors, personalize your handcrafted look. Take control and feel confident with our Perfect Fit Guarantee.
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Looks that last

Personalise your handcrafted look, from durable fabrics down to the finest details. Take charge of your style and feel confident with our Perfect Fit Guarantee.

Next to you

Thousands of partners worldwide allow us to give you the best local service for fittings and alterations.

Perfect fit guarantee

Made to measure by expert tailors.


Select fabrics, linings and everything in between.

Get measured

Let our algorithm do it, or measure at home.

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Here’s where the magic really happens!

The Sumissura web site is very easy to navigate, and the options are seemingly endless! What is really great is that when I made a selection on the site I could immediately see what my selection would look like (you gotta love technology). This really puts you in the driver’s seat (or should I say designer’s seat).

Leslie - Canada

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The best fitting shirt I've ever had in my life

I got my first Sumissura order in a month since making the order, and it's literally the best fitting shirt I've ever had in my life. The fabric, seams, fit and overall look are beyond expectations. And taking the measures was easy and fun (who could guess it can be this way?).

Anna - Russia

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Huge range

There is a huge range of options to choose from and it's a very easy and quick process.

Georgia Nicolau - Cyprus

Learn more in our blog

14 Women's Trouser suit Sets for Instant Office-Ready Styles

Are you tired of the same old boring office attire? Do you want to make a statement while still looking professional? Then, women's trouser suit sets are the way to go! A classic and sophisticated choice for any (business) woman who wants to show off her style while still adhering to dress codes. A well-tailored trouser suit is essential when it comes to looking and feeling confident in the workplace. That's why we've curated 10 custom suit ideas that will have you slaying at meetings, job interviews, and formal events. With these versatile sets, getting office-ready with confidence and style has never been easier.

What is Business Casual for Women?

Many of us work in an environment that is not formal enough to dress business formal, but it is also not casual enough to pull off the sneakers look. This means it’s time for a business casual style. Some people say it’s complicated to achieve the in-between level of formality but with our guide, you can easily master this style.

The Guide to Perfect Business Formal Attire

Sometimes it seems as though men have it easier when following a set dress code; they put on a suit and they’re all set. If the situation is formal, they add a tie. If it's less formal, they lose the tie. But what about us women? What should we wear? A suit and tie? Sure! Why not?

About Sumissura's Professional Clothing for Women

Founded on the belief that everyone deserves fashion that fits flawlessly, Sumissura is your partner in style. Since 2013, we've been transforming your clothing experience. Our custom-made solutions empower you to exude confidence and make a bold statement in the business world.

Thanks to our extensive experience in crafting made-to-measure business suits, dress shirts, and work dresses, we understand the demands of business environments and the critical importance of selecting the perfect fabric, style, and fit. At Sumissura, we excel in all three aspects. Join over 200,000 satisfied customers and discover why we're the preferred choice for professional attire.


How to choose the right Business Wear

Women's professional clothing is a whole world of trousers suits, skirt suits, jackets, slacks, dresses, dress shirts and blouses. Oh! And don't forget about overcoats and trench coats. Here at sumissura we are experts on them all, plus, we make them based on your design preferences and measurements. So for sure we have what you are looking for. And sure, we know that asking you to design your clothes can be overwhelming, so here it goes a small group of tips and recommendations.

Business Formal 

In business formal attire, design options are intentionally limited, which can be a preference for some. Opt for dark wool or wool blend fabrics for your suit or jacket, while your dress shirt or blouse should feature pale pastel tones or classic white.

Our favourite outfits:

  • Trousers Suit and Dress Shirt
  • Skirt Suit and Blouse
  • Jacket and Sheath Dress

Business Casual

Business Casual gives you more freedom of choosing. You can be much more creative with your trousers suit: wide leg or bermuda. You can go more relaxed when choosing your dress  and choose a shift dress or an A-line dress. And, you can be much more creative when choosing the fabric, corduroy, velvet, cotton and linen are allowed materials for jackets and suits in the business casual environment.

Our favourite outfits:

  • Wide Leg Trousers Suit
  • Jacket and Shift Dress
  • Jacket and Slacks


How does Sumissura ensure a perfect fit for business attire?

Sumissura offers a unique made-to-measure experience where each garment is crafted based on your precise body measurements. This meticulous process guarantees clothing that fits like a second skin, ensuring comfort and confidence in every business setting.


Can I customise my business attire with Sumissura?

Absolutely! Sumissura empowers you to inject your personal style into every piece of business attire. From selecting the fabric and colour to choosing lapels, buttons, cuffs, and more, you have the freedom to design garments that truly represent your individuality.


What fabric options are available for Sumissura's business attire?

Sumissura boasts an extensive collection of high-quality fabrics, including cotton, wool, linen, and various blends, catering to different preferences and seasonal needs. This variety ensures that your business attire not only looks professional but also feels comfortable throughout the year.


Does Sumissura offer business attire for all body types?

Sumissura is committed to inclusivity and offers custom-made business attire for any shape and size. Whether you're looking for plus-size suits or petite options, Sumissura tailors each piece to your specific measurements, celebrating every body's uniqueness.


How can I get inspired for my custom business attire design?

Get inspired by real customers like you through Sumissura's outfit ideas section. Explore how others have styled their Sumissura garments in the workplace, and draw inspiration for your own custom business attire.


What is Sumissura's Perfect Fit Guarantee?

Sumissura stands behind the quality and fit of their garments with a Perfect Fit Guarantee. This commitment ensures that if your business attire doesn't fit as expected, Sumissura will make the necessary adjustments to achieve the perfect fit, giving you peace of mind with every order.


How does Sumissura contribute to sustainable fashion?

By focusing on made-to-measure clothing, Sumissura reduces waste associated with mass-produced garments. This approach not only ensures a better fit but also promotes sustainability in fashion by creating only what is needed, based on individual orders.


Where can I learn more about selecting the right business wear?

Sumissura's fashion blog offers a wealth of information on choosing the right business attire, understanding dress codes, and styling tips to elevate your professional wardrobe. It's a great resource for anyone looking to enhance their business wear knowledge.


How do I choose the right business attire for different professional settings?

The key to selecting the right business attire lies in understanding the dress code and culture of your workplace. Sumissura offers a versatile range of business attire, from classic trousers suits for formal settings to smart-casual blouses and skirts for a more relaxed environment. Consider the balance between comfort and formality to ensure your attire is always appropriate and empowering.


What are the latest trends in women's business attire I can incorporate?

Sumissura stays ahead of fashion trends by offering modern twists on traditional business attire. Look for options like statement jackets with unique lapels, high-waisted business trousers, or sheath business dresses that blend classic professionalism with contemporary style. Incorporating these elements can refresh your wardrobe while maintaining a professional edge.


Can Sumissura accommodate specific design requests or alterations?

Yes, Sumissura prides itself on its flexible customization process. If you have specific design requests or need alterations to existing designs, our team is dedicated to working with you to bring your vision to life. Whether it's adjusting a hemline, adding pockets, or altering a sleeve length, we're here to ensure your business attire is precisely what you envision.


How can I ensure my business attire remains in excellent condition over time?

Caring for your business attire is crucial for longevity. Sumissura recommends following care instructions tailored to each fabric type. This might include gentle washing, avoiding high heat in dryers, and using proper storage techniques. Investing a little time in garment care can significantly extend the life and appearance of your professional wardrobe.


What makes Sumissura stand out in the custom business attire market?

What sets Sumissura apart is our unwavering commitment to quality, customization, and inclusivity. We believe every woman deserves business attire that's not only professionally appropriate but also a true expression of her personal style and body type. With our advanced 3D configurator, extensive fabric selections, and perfect fit guarantee, we offer an unparalleled custom-tailoring experience.


What should I consider when choosing businesswear for a professional setting?

When selecting businesswear for a professional environment, consider the dress code and culture of your workplace. Opt for fabrics and styles that offer a balance between comfort and formality, and don't forget to personalise your business attire to reflect your individuality while maintaining a professional appearance.


How can I incorporate trends into my businesswear without compromising professionalism?

To incorporate trends into your businesswear while maintaining a professional look, focus on subtle updates. Choose contemporary cuts, experiment with modern but understated patterns, or add trendy accessories to classic business attire pieces. This approach allows you to stay fashionable yet appropriate for business environments.