Spring Summer
Collection 2024
Welcome to our new Spring Summer Lookbook. A selection of styles tailored with our new seasonal fabrics. A proposal to jump into a new era, a new life after the recent past, based on the respect to natural fibers, calm tones and plant inspired patterns.
Light, yet powerful hues will dominate this spring summer. Among them, special emphasis on beige, light blues and warm tones such as pumpkin or coral red. Fabrics in small constructions, textures and fake plains. Some very subdued overchecks. Mixture color yarns create uneven color effects.
Linen gets to the heart of our collection. Attractive, sustainable and comfortable, today’s linen dispels both myths and preconceptions, placing the expressive naturalness of the fabric at the heart of our seasonal proposal. In shirtings, the use of linen, or, in particular, linen/cotton blends creates a fine balance of authenticity and refinement.
Casual looks for the S/S 22 season have opted for greater sophistication while maintaining their rusticity and their bold visual identity. The visual aspect of materials cultivates exaggerations. Weaves are enlivened on the surface to reveal the intrinsic nature of the threads.
Did you know? The family of fibers of linen, hemp, ramie and jute support renewable agricultural practices that can help the soil capture carbon. Linen fiber is sustainable in a number of ways. Particularly frugal, linen cultivation requires only rainwater, very little fertilizer and pesticides.
Suits au Naturel. A linen-y spirit slips into suitings. Windowpane checks, semi-plains and micro yarn-dyes are enlivened with plant irregularities. Pure linens and linen-silk or cotton-linen blends borrow the visual codes of woolens, for slightly authentic citywear, featuring jackets and suits of a less formal elegance.