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Tweed Blazers for Women

A tweed jacket is the perfect wardrobe staple that you need on those fresh days. Women's tweed jackets are classic yet versatile in style and fabric colors. At sumissura we have a wide selection of tweed fabrics. Choose one of them, design your jacket and we will make it to your measurements.

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How to Choose Your Tweed Jacket

Select the tweed jacket fabric

Choose from a large variety of different tweed fabrics.Choose a classic dark green or brown checked fabric, or why not a trendy grey?

Design your Jacket

Customize your tweed jacket from a wide range of style options like lapel style, number of buttons, single or double breasted jacket, length... among many more options!

Enter measurements

Taking your measurements is really easy and you just need to do that once so from then on, you will be able to forget about sizes.

Design your own Women's Tweed Jacket

Choose the style of your tweed jacket by using our blazer designer and personalize it by adding classic tweed jacket features such as patched pockets, elbow patches, and breast pocket. If you need some design inspiration check this post: How to wear a Tweed Jacket

Your Tweed Jacket needs to be as unique as you. That's why at Sumissura you can design it however you want: elbow patches, one, two or three buttons, change the hemline, play with the length, patched pockets.... everything. Start designing your tweed jacket now.


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"I've loved every product I've received from sumissura!"
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"Power color"
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About Sumissura's Custom Tweed Jackets

Founded in 2008, Sumissura is the e-commerce leader in custom tweed jackets and blazers, as we offer our customers complete freedom to design their own clothes by choosing from a wide range of styles and fabrics.