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Made to Measure Funnel Neck Coats You Design

At sumissura, you design your own garments, including our beautiful funnel neck or stand collar coats (call them as you prefer). We offer a wide range of fabrics and style options. Plus, we will make it to your measurements in just a few days. We do have your next funnel coat. You just have to design it.

How to Design your Funnel Coat

Select coat fabric

100% wool, wool blends, and even cashmere-wool fabrics. We offer them in different colors, patterns, and thicknesses. You just need to choose one of them.

Design your coat

Personalize details on our 3D configurator such as the pockets, sleeves & button threads. Explore all the options and make your funnel neck coat yours truly.

Your measurements

Grab a measuring tape and measure yourself following our step-by-step guide. Now just get excited waiting on your perfect fitting funnel neck coat.

Design your Funnel Neck Coat wherever and whenever you want

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Using our unique 3D designer, you can personalize details such as the sleeves, buttons & button threads color, and even add your initials. Explore more options and create your very own coat with funnel neck or stand-up collar!

Outfit Ideas

Get inspired by our community. Real customers like you styling great outfits based on Sumissura garments

Fit to Perfection Guaranteed

From fabrics and buttons to pocket styles and lining colors, personalize your handcrafted look. Take control and feel confident with our Perfect Fit Guarantee.
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Looks that last

Personalize your handcrafted look, from durable fabrics down to the finest details. Take charge of your style and feel confident with our Perfect Fit Guarantee.

Next to you

Thousands of partners worldwide allow us to give you the best local service for fittings and alterations.

Perfect fit guarantee

Made to measure by expert tailors.


Select fabrics, linings and everything in between.

Get measured

Let our algorithm do it, or measure at home.

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I am so excited to wear this coat

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Shoutout to another perfectly and custom fit piece by @sumissura!

Stephanie - Canada

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Which Coat Is Right For Your Body Type?

A good coat should be three things: warm, stylish, and flattering. Different styles of coats come and go every winter, but just because they’re trendy it doesn’t mean it’s right for you. Coats are one of those items where you really need to pay attention to the fit. There aren’t really any styling tricks you can do to make it look more flattering, like a shirt, sweater, or even a dress. To avoid a trip to the tailor (or even worse - disappointment!), make sure you’re choosing a coat style that works for your body.

What Coat to Wear at What Temperature

Some materials available for all the coats we have in store are also resistant to snow which is highlighted with a snowflake sign next to the material. These coats are extremely durable in harsh weather while also looking stylish.

About Sumissura Funnel Collar Coats

Founded in 2013, Sumissura is the e-commerce leader in women's custom wool coats, including funnel and stand-up collar coats, as we offer our customers complete freedom to design their own clothes by choosing from a wide range of styles and fabrics. In addition, we tailor the garment according to our customers' measurements.


Stand Collar Coats Styles

A Funnel Collar Coat is an excellent option if you want a trendy yet classy coat style. Coats with Funnel Neck or Stand-up Collars help to keep you extra warm around your neck in the cold weather.

Despite one may think that there are not many styles to choose from in a stand up collar coat, we encourage you to try our coat designer to see how that is not true. First of all, the length. A stand up collar changes thoroughly when choosing a long length or short length. Second, the buttons. You can choose to have them hidden or not or not use buttons at all but horn toggles. It really makes a difference.


High Collar Coats

Devil is in the details. Just some recommendations to try at our coat designer: First, the belt. Your coat looks completely different, belted or just straight. Second the sleeves. What about fluted sleeves? That makes your coat really fashionable. 


Funnel Coats

And last but not least: if you are looking for a funnel neck coat is not only because its silhouette is trendy but also because it's the perfect option to protect you against wind and cold. That's why we strongly recommend choosing the padded version. It adds an extra layer of warmth that will protect you from the cold under any circumstance.


Made to measure; a better fit for our planet

However you design it, you just came to the right place. Sumissura is the first brand that allows you to create your own funnel coat. We don't have finished products, so we are also an eco-conscious company that saves lots of waste on our planet. In case you choose sumissura, we would like to thank you in the name of the whole team and the planet.