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Custom made Green Blazers for Every Occasion

Make a bold fashion choice with this green blazer and stand out from the crowd. The vibrant color is perfect for those who want a pop of excitement and sophistication to their outfit.

How Does it Work?

Select the blazer fabric

Choose from tons of fabrics and colors. The material is the essence of a blazer: we offer you wool, wool blends, corduroy, tweed, linen and many more.

Design your green blazer

Personalize details such as lapels, buttons, threads color, fitting.

Enter measurements

Our measurement process is simple and straightforward, requiring only upper body measurements. Our user-friendly tutorial provides step-by-step instructions to ensure that your measurements are accurate and precise.

Design your own green blazer

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Our configurator enables you to personalize all details of your blazer, such as the lapel style, color, button threads, fitting, linings, and adding your own initials.

Outfit Ideas

Get inspired by our community. Real customers like you styling great outfits based on Sumissura garments

Fit to Perfection Guaranteed

From fabrics and buttons to pocket styles and lining colors, personalize your handcrafted look. Take control and feel confident with our Perfect Fit Guarantee.
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Looks that last

Personalize your handcrafted look, from durable fabrics down to the finest details. Take charge of your style and feel confident with our Perfect Fit Guarantee.

Next to you

Thousands of partners worldwide allow us to give you the best local service for fittings and alterations.

Perfect fit guarantee

Made to measure by expert tailors.


Select fabrics, linings and everything in between.

Get measured

Let our algorithm do it, or measure at home.

Reviewed by you

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I promise, you will not be disappointed.

I think I spent at least 45 minutes going through Sumissura’s incredible fabric options before I finally decided on this perfect denim colored striped beauty. I just knew that it would go perfectly with all my spring and summer pieces, and I was right! I am obsessed with how it turned out. Sumissura’s custom built pieces are the real deal, peeps.

Tamryn - United States

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highly recommend

Again, I can only highly recommend Sumissura because my blazer is unique and there is only one such piece in the world.

Jeanette - Germany

* * * * *

The blazer fits like a glove.

My blazer turned out amazing and true to my body type needs. The fabric, the buttons, the stitching. Everything is top notch. I really can’t say there’s something I don’t like about the blazer.

Eleni - Canada

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About Our Green Blazers

As fashion evolves, the woman's blazer has gained significant importance in our wardrobes with each passing season. Its versatility is truly a masterpiece that transcends age and compliments a wide variety of clothing pieces.


What Color is a Good Match with a Dark Green Women's Blazer?

Cream or Ivory: Pairing a dark green blazer with a cream or ivory-colored top or blouse can create a sophisticated and elegant look.

Black: For a classic and timeless combination, pair a dark green blazer with black pants or a black dress. This creates a sleek and sophisticated outfit that is perfect for both professional and social events.

Burgundy: Dark green and burgundy are complementary colors that work well together. Pairing a dark green blazer with a burgundy dress or skirt can create a chic and stylish outfit.

Navy Blue: For a sophisticated and stylish look, pair a dark green blazer with navy blue pants or a navy blue dress. This combination is perfect for a variety of occasions, from the office to a night out with friends.

Neutral tones: Dark green can also pair well with neutral tones such as beige, taupe, or gray. These colors create a clean and classic look that is perfect for both casual and formal occasions.