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Advantages of Becoming a Partner

Join our network of partners and enjoy the following advantages

New customers

We will provide you with a steady stream of new customers interested in your services, resulting in a significant increase in revenue.

Increased visibility

Your business will be widely promoted on our platform, allowing you to reach a broader audience and gain additional recognition in the market.

Enhanced reputation

Being part of our network of partners, you will be recognized as a trusted and quality provider, strengthening the reputation of your business.

No cost involved

All these benefits come at no cost to you. You won't have to invest a single penny; you will simply enjoy the advantages that our collaboration can offer.

How the partnership works

Serve new customers and make garment alterations

Serve new customers by making adjustments to their garments. You will be their preferred choice for achieving a perfect fit in their clothing.

Receive our orders and do a fitting check

Receive our orders and allow customers to try them on at your store. You will deliver the orders pressed and in a garment bag. Additionally, you will take care of any necessary adjustments.

Taking measurements and point of sale

In the future, you can take measurements of local customers, and thinking big, we can establish a point of sale in your store. This will generate new customers and benefit you with significant commissions.

Become a Partner

If you are interested into bringing made to measure sustainable fashion to more people, just contact us.

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